Fab Lash Tips

Here are some of our favorite and easy-to-follow lash tips:
  • Try your lashes on! Before applying glue, place your strip lash on top of your natural lashes checking the length and fit.  Trim off any excess as you see necessary. Always trim from the outer edge of your lashes. The inner edge has the shorter lashes and you want to keep those in place for a more comfortable and natural fit. 
  • One coat, two coats! We like to put one coat of mascara on our natural lashes to help our falsies and natural lashes mesh. 
  • Put your lashes on last.  Apply all your other makeup first. This will ensure that no powder or eye shadow dust gets on your lashes. 
  • Wait a second! Apply the glue and blow on the glue for 10-20 seconds to help the glue become tacky. 
  • Where are my tweezers? Apply your lashes and use the tip of the applicator tool or the round side of a pair of tweezers to push your lashes tightly into place.
  • Q-Tips are our friend (lol)!  When removing your lashes, wet a q-tip with hot water and rub it over your lash line. This will loosen the glue. When you gently pull your strip lash off, it will not damage your natural lashes. 

Here's a link to one of our favorite lash tutorials by makeup artist Felicia Renee!  

** Please be careful with tweezers when using them near your fabulous eyes. **
#StayFabulous Dolls 
-- Kirstin