Bling Lash Buddy

Fabulous Lashes By K

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Bling Lash Buddy
Bling Lash Buddy
Bling Lash Buddy

The Original!

Don't settle for imitations, get the original!  The ULTIMATE lash travel and storage case. 

We affectionately call her  'The Bling Buddy!'  Lash Lovers our prayers have been answered! The ultimate lash storage and travel case is here.  The 'Lash Buddy' has arrived and it's simply...Fabulous! 

  • Elegant eyelash storage and travel case.
  • Durable super-lightweight black acrylic case for strip lashes.
  • LED light mirror.
  • Fabulous crushed glitter chips give the 'Lash Buddy' a unique bling cover.
  • Easy to clean elevated tier storage trays for 3 pairs of your favorite lashes.
  • Protects lashes from dust on your home makeup table. 
  • Protects lashes from damage while traveling.


  • Store your long, wispy lashes on the first row, close to the mirror & shorter lashes on the front row so they don't get clipped by the case when closing.
  • Before first use and once a month:  clean storage tray with cotton ball lightly soaked in alcohol followed by a wipe down with hot water, leave open to air dry. 
  • Buy one for your BFF so you don't have to share (LOL)!