'FAB Birthday Queen' Sublimation Transfer

The FAB Life By K

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'FAB Birthday Queen' Sublimation Transfer
'FAB Birthday Queen' Sublimation Transfer

Our vibrant "FAB Birthday Queen" design is just in time to celebrate ALL the summer birthday Queens!   This designs will look stunning on a white or lavender t-shirt.  

Sublimation Transfer Only! 

  • For BEST quality press onto a 100% Polyester t-shirt.
  • Press temperature:  400 degrees
  • Press for 45-60 seconds
  • Place two pieces of parchment/butcher paper inside the t-shirt to prevent color bleed through during the pressing process. 
  • Cover transfer with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper to protect your heat platten when pressing. 
  • Peel the transfer sheet immediately after pressing. 
  • Printed proportionate on an 8.5X11 sublimation sheet.
  • Print on white or light-colored shirts only!  Will not work on cotton shirts. 
  • One-time use only! 
  • Colors will become vibrant after pressing! 
  • No physical t-shirt will be mailed...Just a ready-to-press transfer. 

You will need to press this transfer with a swing-arm or clamshell heat press.  An Easy Press will not properly press this transfer. 

Happy crafting!