The 'Date Night Lash Bundle'

The FAB Life By K

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Date Night essentials!  Lashes + applicator + storage case all for $25!
Flirt Lash Candy!  Our #1 Lash!
Our 2nd Most Popular Lash Candy is Ms. Sparkle!
Every Girl needs a Lash Bestie!
Mia is the Newest Lash Candy!  A lil sexy, a lil something on side Honey!

This week we celebrate LOVE!  

We believe in LOVE and think it should be celebrated every week on 'Date Night!'  Lash Dolls get ready for 'Date Night' with our fabulous 'Date Night Lash Bundle.' 

The 'Date Night Lash Bundle' includes...

  • 1 pair of Lash Candy lashes. 4 FAB styles of Lash Candy to choose from! 
  • 1 FAB Lash Tool to help you apply your lashes perfectly each time.
  • 1 Mini Lash Buddy to properly store your lashes after date night (lol). 

All 3 FAB lash items for the amazing price of $25 (ordered separately off sale they would be $35).