'Mega Pint Baby' Sublimation Transfer

The FAB Life By K

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'Mega Pint Baby' Sublimation Transfer
'Mega Pint Baby' Sublimation Transfer

Everyone wants a Mega Pint right!'  We think it necessary(lol).  Our FAB transfer design features the true definition of the term.  Your customers will love this funny courtroom testimony-inspired design.   Grab some for your customers who are fans of the celebrity trial of the year today!

Sublimation Transfer Only! 

  • For BEST quality press onto a 100% Polyester t-shirt.
  • Press temperature:  400 degrees
  • Press for 45-60 seconds
  • Place two pieces of parchment/butcher paper inside the t-shirt to prevent color bleed through during the pressing process. 
  • Cover transfer with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper to protect your heat platten when pressing. 
  • Peel the transfer sheet immediately after pressing. 
  • Printed proportionate on an 8.5X11 sublimation sheet.
  • Print on white or light-colored shirts only!  Will not work on cotton shirts. 
  • One-time use only! 
  • No physical t-shirt will be mailed...Just a ready-to-press transfer. 

You will need to press this transfer with a swing-arm or clamshell heat press.  An Easy Press will not properly press this transfer. 

Happy crafting!